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Jenny Frean
Designer & Creative Director

Jenny founded First Eleven Studio in 1986. Sensing the strength in teamwork and the excitement of building a versatile group of artists, she drew together designers with exceptional individual skills. The team's expertise covers the design of printed, woven and embroidered textiles for all aspects of interior furnishings and surfaces.

In addition to her own designing, Jenny's role is to maintain the standard of the studio's collections, ensuring up-to-the-minute, carefully thought out and well-executed designs. Beautiful colour has always been First Eleven's trademark and each piece of work in the portfolio must be good enough for the client to clearly see its potential as a successful fabric.

Patrick Frean

Patrick began working with First Eleven Studio in 2000. His background in graphic design enabled him initially to take over the design of First Eleven's house style but as his involvement grew he became responsible for the running of the company.

His role in First Eleven is behind the scenes as well as in front, representing the studio at trade fairs and with the help of his language skills, travelling to see clients here and abroad.

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