Liza Saunders
Liza Saunders

Coming from a background in Fashion, Liza's designs are bright and stylish. They reflect her love of colour and her ability to reinvent past trends in new and exciting ways. Influenced by Matisse's sensual colour and inspired by painters like Diebenkorn and Heron, Liza works with textile technology, using both digital and more traditional techniques like silk screen printing. From a foundation of drawing and photography, she skillfully mixes her methods and her final artwork is presented on fabric.

Liza studied textiles at Winchester School of Art, where she first came into contact with Jenny Frean and started working with First Eleven Studio whilst doing her MA at the Royal College of Art in 1996. After deciding to work in the fashion industry for some years, she has rejoined the studio, where her spare and elegant designs are perfectly compatible with First Eleven's ethos in the world of Interiors.

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