Sally Lloyd Thomas
Sally Lloyd Thomas

Sally's stunning and simple designs have been a feature of the First Eleven collection since she joined the studio in 1996. Her work is clean and contemporary, pared down with often only two or three colours. The designs are mostly screen-printed onto fabric using a combination of techniques and sometimes embellished afterwards with fabric collage or stitch. The printing process itself is spontaneous and layouts are composed as she goes along, resulting in interesting spacing and layering which become a crucial part of the finished design.

Loosely-drawn linear motifs, boldly painted organic images, simplified photographic silhouettes or flat blocky geometrics - all these describe Sally's designs. Her inspiration is drawn from many sources, contemporary art, graphic design and illustration, vintage textiles, old botanical drawings, decorative ceramics, flea markets and the natural world which she draws and photographs.

Alongside her work with First Eleven Studio, Sally undertakes private commissions for custom-made interior textiles. Recently she has designed rugs, hand-printed blinds, cushions and wedding dress fabric. She likes to work for stationery as well and has both greetings cards and framed artwork out in the marketplace. She is also valued as a teacher on Foundation, BA Textile and Interior Design courses.

Following her BA in printed Textiles at Glasgow School of Art, Sally spent some months in the studio at Designer's Guild gaining experience and developing her distinctive style.

Sally lives in London where she works from her Old Street studio.

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