Sarah Battle
Sarah Battle

Sarah's images are made from a combination of printmaking and collage; intricate shapes are cut from found documents or from original monoprints, and pasted into designs. She enjoys drawing and making and its often-unpredictable outcomes. The imagery is based on subjects that are of recurring and enduring interest to her - tin toys, animals on wheels, cats, birds and antique ornaments. She loves the work of William Scott and Roger Hilton, though their influence is not explicit in the work; the designs have more in common with editorial or children’s book illustration and figurative motifs found in old items of printed ephemera.

She lives in the Pennines with several cats who feature in many of her designs. She enjoys working in her own environment, and has surrounded herself with objects that inspire her, whose forms she is happy to explore over and over again.

Sarah studied textile design at Camberwell School of Art followed by a Printmaking MA at the Royal College of Art, graduating with distinction. Her interest in the small, quirky objects of everyday life has persisted since she joined First Eleven Studio as a founder member in 1987.

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